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New Gadget for Spinners

I think I have invented a new spinner’s gadget. Well, “invented” sounds a little grandiose, I suppose. Mostly I just improved, and optimized, and ornamented.

I made an orifice hook (do we really have to call it that?) and combined it with a pair of folding scissors and then came up with a functional way to attach them both to the wheel, so they are nice and handy, and look lovely, and are still detachable, all at the same time.

But, a picture (or four) is worth a thousand words. Here are my first designs, now for sale on Etsy.

I’m having way too much fun coming up with new bead combinations for these. Seriously. Way. Too. Much.

But enough plugging my wares. Here’s my homespun life update:

Currently on my size 19/15 mm needles: fishnet shawl (I’ve only had this yarn & pattern for a year)
Currently on my wheel: Angel, a heather gray shetland (she’s going to be 2-ply when finished)
Current audiobook for crafting: 1984 by George Orwell (no, I never read it in school)
Current reading book: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (wow)
Current ingredients waiting in the kitchen: limes, sweetened condensed milk and graham crackers to make a (not so) Key lime pie.

Shall we all agree not to talk about what’s on our current to-do lists, aside from the fun stuff? :-)

So, what’s on your needles and in your kitchen?

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SEO Queen for a Day

I know I promised to continue the tale of my fleece processing—and I will, no worries—but first, a comment I left on a blog by Conrad Walton of Walton Communications resulted in his interviewing me about my early success with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Actually I started by downloading his free guide to SEO. It is GREAT! Very helpful for those trying to find an audience on the Web. I left a comment on his blog, then he asked for an interview, and Voila! Here it is.

Now I’m using my “queen for the day” scepter to push the dirty fleece back down into the hot water.

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