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Ply me to the moon…

Here are pics from my very first ply-job. Why did I wait so long to try this? I love to ply!

First attempt at plying yarn

Fresh on the Bobbin


This is the dandelion-dyed Shetland plied with a natural cocoa-brown Corriedale single I spun several months before. It turned out bulky and squishy and yummy!

Not sure I’m going to list this for sale in my Etsy shop, Cold Hands Warm Art, because I think I plied it a little too loosely, though the skeins hang nice and straight as if to say, “check out my balance!” I’ve been eyeballing the Kitty Pi cat bed pattern by Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits, and I think this yarn would be a great match for it.

Plus, with black and white cats, I need a cat bed that hides both dark and light fur.

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May 30, 2010 at 10:00 pm 5 comments

DIY Lazy Kates

At the risk of vexing the fiber gods with my hubris, I have to say it’s been a pretty spin-tastic week. :-)

Early in the week I went on a quest for an affordable lazy kate. Kates are pretty simple devices that hold multiple bobbins of spun yarn to allow for plying two or more strands together. A laundry basket with horizontal dowel rods can function as a kate. A quick (and I do mean quick) Google search provides no etymology for “lazy kate,” but does provide a number of very tempting links that have almost derailed this post as I venture down rabbit holes. (Google is my frenemy.)

But I digress…

Thanks to Ravelry and my frenemy, Google, I found some great links to DIY kates, as well as some lovely blogs. So, here are instructions for:

A 6-bobbin kate from the blog Unravelling.

A 4-bobbin kate from the blog Sharp Pointy Objects

Another 4-bobbin kate from Sewwhatsports (links to Ravelry)

With all this new-found knowledge, I was ready to hit the hardware stores with my list of to-buys, find a helpful hardware man (or woman) to hunt it all down, and get busy. DH was plenty willing to set aside another monstrous pile of grading and tackle it with me.

And then, it hit me…my Ashford Traveller has three spindles that are supposed to function as a lazy kate. Doh! Here’s a pic from the Ashford site.

So, I have done my first plying this week. According to DH, it actually looks like “real” yarn.  (Um…thanks?)   Pictures to come. I’ll let you judge for yourselves.  (But I still want to make that awesome 6-bobbin kate!)

May 23, 2010 at 8:07 am 2 comments

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