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Let’s Make a Deal

Of all the wisdom imparted to me by my mom, there was one thing I think she missed–or I might not have been listening. Here it is:

Life is All About Trade-offs

(To be honest, Mom did say “No one said life was going to be fair” and that’s certainly a corollary!)

Think about the things we trade off every day:

  • Fashion vs. comfort
  • Time working vs. time with family
  • Time with family vs. me time
  • Doughnut vs. swimsuit

Recently the fam sat down and made a list of needful and wantful expenses for the summer. Sadly the needful side of the list was really long. And then, last Friday, we had to add one more item when my exhaust system sprang a leak. Clarification: my CAR’s exhaust system sprang a leak. If you’ve suffered through this, you know the symptom. A previously quiet car suddenly sounds like it has several Harley engines propelling it down the street.

It’s not dangerous, it’s just embarrassing to me. But not for my daughter, who giggles every time I accelerate from a stop.

But it really got me thinking about trade-offs. What am I willing to forgo to stop sounding like the hot rod from hell? Would I give up a home improvement project? A summer trip? Buying yarn?

Here’s a hint: You’ll hear me coming from blocks away, and you’ll know me by the yarn trailing out the car windows.

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Yarn Hot Rod

June 5, 2013 at 4:29 pm 4 comments

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

I went, I saw, I came home with a bag of raw wool…even though I promised myself I wouldn’t. Ah, the best laid plans.

But there was this bag of Leicester calling out my name and I fell into its dark, sexy locks and mysterious depths and was lost forever. Plus, the price was right. But, more about the seductive Leicester in another post.

From the newborn lambs, and the sheep herding demo, to the pirate coffee van and the vast barnfuls of vendors, this year’s festival was a winner in my book, despite the drizzly, cool day. Next year I pledge to take at least one workshop and to submit a skein of handspun for judging. But for now, I bring you several highlights of our day in pictures.

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DD and yours truly, in a state of yarn bliss

It was a toss-up as to who was herding whom here.

DH and DD ordering pirate coffee - The Booty is in the Beans

September 18, 2010 at 11:11 am 2 comments

How High’s the Water, Mama?

Well, it was 1-2 inches in our basement one week ago. It’s been a long week of throwing out and drying out, and we’re still not finished. :-(

We were actually very lucky compared to the other 18,000 homes that had flood damage in our metro area. Much of the stuff in our semi-finished basement only got wet up to its ankles and a lot of it was safe in plastic bins or stored up on shelves including (drum roll please) all of my fleece (insert cheering crowds here).

I can’t capture the smell here. You’ll just have to use your imagination…

Here’s what the best-dressed flood clean-up crews are wearing these days…

That’s me, rockin’ the Wellies and bleaching everything in sight. Mostly the area rug was in sight this day.

It pains me to say that our 10-year record of flood-free basement has gone down the drain. (I suspect it pains you also, to read this terrible pun.)

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July 29, 2010 at 8:31 pm Leave a comment

Depression Era Precociousness

This week DD and I picked up DVDs from the library for evening viewing. Yay, cheap entertainment! DD picked out Kit Kittredge (the movie based on the American Girl doll) and the 1982 classic, Annie with Carol Burnett and Albert Finney.

Notice a theme here?

By sheer coincidence we’re have a movie marathon of depression cuties (THAT depression, not THIS depression), beginning with the cute and precocious Abigail Breslin as Kit, followed by the cute and precocious Aileen Quinn as Annie.

I will be singing “The sun’ll come out…tomorrow…” all day tomorrow.

Strangely, I am now in the mood for more depression-era entertainment (an oxymoron?) but with not so much cuteness all up in it.  I need some suggestions. Leave me a comment and tell me what I should watch next.

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July 7, 2010 at 8:49 pm 7 comments

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