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Yarn Bowls

IF i love yarn AND i love handmade pottery, THEN i love, love yarn bowls. And i do.

I also love soup. Which goes in bowls, preferably of the hand thrown pottery variety. But this post is not about soup. We’ll get to that next winter. Cross my heart.

I could describe a yarn bowl in words, but it’s better just to show you and let you have the pleasure of going, “Ah-ha!”

Julie Knowles Pottery

Dorothy Domingo

Common Stone Pottery

Center Hill Clay Works

Yes, gentle readers, if you’ve ever yanked a ball of yarn and then chased it under a sofa (or chased the cat who chased it under the sofa) you will understand the function of a yarn bowl.

Sure, I can make a frugal yarn holder from an empty coffee can with a hole cut in the lid, but aren’t these beauty-ous?  These are just four of the many others I found on Etsy. If anyone is looking for a birthday/Christmas/Etsyversary/just-because gift for me…need I say more? I probably needn’t, but I will mention that Common Stone has the CUTEST little paw print pendant. ;-)

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