Cast of Characters

(Being a list of the names you might see creeping into the posts.)

DH (Dear Hubby) is a school teacher, published poet, freelance writer, business consultant, philosopher, and math and Latin tutor. He is also my book editor and #1 moral support.

DD (Dear Daughter) is a tween, bookworm, animal-lover, Tae Kwon Do student, bug-hater, chocoholic. She will not touch my wool (dirty OR clean), but does go on knitting binges very occasionally.

Dharma joined us in 2010. She is, at best guess, a chocolate lab mix. Of all of the dogs we have adopted from the humane society, she is the most “rescued,” having been surrendered twice before. We think she’s a keeper, and even the cats agree.

Gizmo is our first adopted cat. He came as a middle-aged gentleman from the local shelter and is unflappable. A total Buddha cat.

Dobby (the house elf)  is our second adopted cat, who also came as an adult from the shelter. He is a grump and wishes he was an only-pet. Having spent time as a stray, he is also a kitchen scavenger who forced us to put baby latches back on certain kitchen cabinets.

(Sir Issac) Newton, came as a kitten from a cat rescue group, along with his sister, Bastet. He rediscovers gravity daily and constantly tests the laws of motion…and my patience.

Bastet thinks she really is an ancient Egyptian goddess. ‘Nuff said.

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