Hi, I’m Tess. I live by a Great Lake in the northern U.S.

My life’s dream had been to find a plot of ground, build a cabin and live like my pioneer great-great-grandmothers—quilting, spinning, gardening and working hard, but in tune with the earth.

At age 47, I found myself in a stressful corporate career, burned-out, living in a city, and incenting myself to keep moving forward with $4.00 cups of coffee.  I couldn’t do it anymore. So, with a parachute the size of a postage stamp, and support from a wonderful husband and daughter, I jumped.

I don’t have a cabin in the woods, but I have a snug little house in the big city.

I’m not milking a cow and cooking over a fireplace, but I’m shopping on a strict budget and growing veggies in containers.

No sheep or chickens, but I’ve got a flock of cats that wake me in the morning better than any rooster could.

Surviving cancer taught me that life is not guaranteed. You’ve got to spin your own happiness. (Too hokey? Sorry, I promise to reign it in from here on.)


Me at my Ashford Spinning Wheel (aka My Precious)

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